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Engagement + Micro management

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Engagement + Micro management

Engagement + Micromanagement = Indian Lean Industry

Making Indian companies Lean is an extremely challenging task. Not only challenging, it has to be innovative too. My team in Lean India Consulting Group has done lot of research into Indian manufacturing environments and have thus been able to develop unique Lean Models for the Indian set ups. Indian scene is unique as Indian Industry has to work against many odds, not seen in developed countries including China. Even as late as, 2015 Indian Industry is struggling with basic problems related to Infrastructure, Heavy and multi Taxation regime, Unreliable & expensive power, obsolete laws including labor laws, Hostile & unproductive labor, expensive capital, Technology etc. Well, these are issues at the macro level. What we have researched into ,are the issues at the micro level. Our model is called SLIM. Strategic Lean Integrated Movement, a long term program aimed at full engagement of all the resources normally deployed in any manufacturing system. We have successfully deployed SLIM in many companies with amazing results. In this program we work at two levels. Fundamental and the Strategic. The program starts with an in depth assessment of manufacturing basics along with a penetrative study of the capability of the resources and the systems currently under play. We try to work out the organization’s Operations Capability Index. OCI, based on which we work out a road map for engagement of employees at all the levels starting from Operators to the Senior/ Top managers. Supervisors play a significant role. We have developed many software’s for better understanding and facilitation.

This program augurs well with our PM’s Make in India vision. Once the macro level problems are addressed by the Govt. what is left is to work at the micro levels, where we are really weak as ompared to the productive organizations of the developed economies. That’s where Lean India Consulting Group. LICG, is pitching in .

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