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Lean the SLIM way

Make In India – LEAN the SLIM way

This is further to my last post Engagement+Micromanagement =Indian Lean Industry.

We at Lean India have developed a new model of Lean application specially designed for the Indian Industry. This is an ownership based total engagement model, where in all the employees are involved in carrying out the change revolution. The key is a disciplined & passionate involvement of all.

We work at two levels.. Fundamental and the Strategic, both working in parallel. Strategic level involves employees at the senior level and at the Fundamental we involve operators and supervisors/engineers.

The results so far, with our clients where this has been introduced have been very encouraging.

I give a brief of the same as under.Lean, a Movement – SLIM (Strategic Lean Integrated Movement )

LEAN – Least Efforts Are Needed, is what is the essence of Lean. And we know how serious we have to act when we strive in doing something with least efforts. Something where we have to aim for perfection. Can we achieve perfection with casual efforts???

Serious efforts call for revolutions; self (Human) revolution; Group (Team) Revolution. In Lean we need both these revolutions. We thus call this a movement where one and all are engaged in serious effort. Engagement is incomplete unless there are total involvement of all at all levels. Incidentally in India even when there is involvement but no control, the engagement is not complete. Thus the model evolved and practiced here has elements of both, Involvement and Control.

SLIM approach is highly penetrative too as we operate and apply Lean at the workstation level engaging all the workers, supervisors, engineers. In a way, this is a perfect model of Micro management.

There is one very interesting part of this model. That is the assessment part.

We assess the fundamentals of manufacturing, as we feel these fundamentals, which are usually very weak in Indian setups, play a key role in good performance of a manufacturing company.

We parallely also assess the capabilities of the various resources deployed by the organization. Weak resources cannot take an organization far and thus there is a strong need to identify the same and take corrective measures. Our software’s try working out the Performance Capability Index of the organization. This becomes a very handy tool for the management to work upon.

Not only for manufacturing cos, even for services sector like Hospitals, Hotels, Retail cos, we have worked out interesting models. Even Govt. and PSUs can effectively apply these tools, provided they have the will to go far.

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