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what we do

Lean India Consulting Group is a leading consulting group and is the only organization in India which is exclusively consulting on Lean manufacturing. Thus who would know the Lean Business better than us.

To our clients we provide extensively in house researched India specific Lean Solutions. One such proprietary program of ours in Lean is SLIM. SLIM stands for “strategic lean integrated manufacturing”. We also call it a Strategic Movement on Lean.

Your requirements of Lean introduction in your manufacturing units can be met thru implementation of our SLIM program. In SLIM we apply all the Lean principles associated with wastes /losses elimination.

It’s a comprehensive Total Engagement + Micro Management program which aims at making companies highly profitable by reducing costs and improving productivity.

We do total implementation thru internal resources of yours by training/handholding and involving the workers / supervisors /managers at all the levels. And to facilitate easier and faster implementation, we have developed our own highly innovative, proprietary and employee friendly software’s to make SLIM journey come effective.

SLIM Planning

SLIM Mind Map

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