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Lean India Consulting Group (LICG), is promoted by JCE Management Services Pvt Ltd. JCE has been providing services to the organizations in Lean /Organizational Transformation / Operations Excellence for the last over ten years and has served many organizations in India and abroad.

LICG has a technical tie-up with Lean Horizons Consulting, USA. Founded in 2001, Lean Horizon Consulting provides true enterprise-wide transformations through LEAN. Lean Horizons consulting is lead by Mark DeLuzio, the architect of Danaher Production System.

Based on the principles of Toyota Production System and leveraging the combined experience of working with Kaizen Institute for more then 20 years, we at LICG closely work with our clients in the whole process on Lean transformation of their organization.

Apart from our expertise in Lean / Change Management, we are also equipped to provide Six Sigma Training /TPM/Innovation, which assist organizations to become truly Lean and helps them to Create Value through Continual Excellence.

which includes

  • Strategy Formulation and Deployment
  • Business Operations Renovation and Continual Business Excellence
  • Cultural Transformation
  • Innovation

The fundamental goal of any business is to produce the highest value products and services and create value for its consumers society and environment with the least amount of time, effort and cost. This may sound simple enough in theory. But for most companies in today’s competitive environment, the reality is far more demanding.

We at LICG specialize in helping clients increase their bottom-line as well as their Top-line by enhancing the value of their products, processes and services in strategically targeted areas which are aligned to business. We do this by working with your management team to achieve a strategic focus on your most important processes or services in your organization. We then use specific tools, depending on the problem to be solved with your management team and employees to use that information to develop effective competitive strategies and actions, including the improvement of critical value streams and improving & certifying the capability levels of your customer facing processes.
And because our expertise is built on proven experience rather than trendy philosophies, we can deliver real results in real time. Now that seems simple enough.

We understand the “Mechanics of Lean”

You are not alone! Many companies have attempted various lean initiatives with limited sustainable results.

The biggest failure mode of lean transformation is a general misunderstanding of the importance of a holistic lean approach. Lean Implementation often looks like a collection of lean tools, as opposed to a complete solution where all of the mechanisms work together to evoke change. Furthermore, leaders find it difficult to articulate the importance of the program as a whole, and feel there is a lack of culture, systems, and infrastructure in place to support such changes.

The Lean India Consulting Group came together to address these gaps and barriers that are holding back companies from successful and sustainable lean transformation. In addition to the advanced curriculum, we have developed a learning environment designed specifically for adult learning utilizing techniques that include discovery simulations, case studies, personal planning, and reflection – ultimately engaging people at a deep and personal level. We bring our unique lean understanding in creative ways to executives, managers, supervisors, change agents and front-line employees.


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